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10 Hour Consulting Package (Add $300 USD)

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The Website Plus Mailing List bundle gives you a WordPress website plus the ability to send up to 10,000 messages per month to your district mailing list. In addition to comparing favorably on price to alternatives such as Mailchimp, the mailing list is tightly integrated with the event registration system and other features of a Toastmost website.

All district website packages include a 1 hour training session, via Zoom, with Toastmost creator David F. Carr, DTM, and availability to answer questions via email.

If you require more extensive professional services related to website redesign or importing of historical content, Toastmost creator David F. Carr is available for a 10 hour consultation including Zoom calls and labor for website customization.

Your subscription payment helps defray the cost of hosting these websites. Your subscription will be extended for one year. Additional contributions are welcome.